Murry Phaniff is a 46-year-old insurance adjuster living in the small town of Ipswich just north of Boston. After a happy marriage of ten years, Murry’s wife Eleanor succumbed to a brain tumor. That was eight years ago and ever since Murry has engaged in the practice of not only adjusting people’s insurance needs, but also their lives when necessary.

For example, when an elderly couple required his services after a tree fell on their garage, he discovered that they were being systematically targeted by a scam artist who preyed on the elderly to make bogus investments in gold futures. Murry made arrangements to entrap the confidence man with the help of the local Sheriff and through their combined efforts, the heartless criminal landed in prison where he was murdered by his fellow inmates who frown on the practice of taking advantage of the elderly.

On a trip to Las Vegas to attend a biannual National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters Conference at the Flamingo Casino, Murry’s extracurricular adjusting gets him involved with a beautiful woman and a double homicide for which he is the prime suspect.
Murry must flee from the police and with the help of his brilliant young assistant they must find the killer before becoming the next victims. The hunt takes them to the San Francisco Bay area where a mysterious stranger intervenes to save their lives.

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The Adjuster  
Sydney Covington is an anthropology student who finds herself running for her life when she innocently brings an ancient human bone fragment with her to grad school in New Mexico. She and her photographer boyfriend Emmet Williams' best hope for surviving a triangle of death and destruction is a semi-inept FBI agent. Bone of Contention is a mystery that unfolds in 66,000-words.

The relic, an eight inch humerus jaggedly broken at the elbow, had been given to Sydney's father by Professor Johnson, an archeologist friend who directed an ill fated dig in Canyon de Chelly in 1966 where the bone was unearthed. The trouble begins when the beautiful Italian banker Alba Frisetti’s operative and part-time antique dealer, Jesús Morales, discovers that the jeweler a few doors down from his Santa Fe shop engraved some almost imperceptible numbers on a bone fragment thirty years earlier. Although the story touches on the legitimacy of contemporary Native American's claim to be the original Americans, the core of the tale revolves around black-market trafficking of ancient human skeletons.
FBI Special Agent Charles Wilson does his best to keep up with what's going on and at the same time shield Sydney and Emmet from those who would stop at nothing to get their hands on the bone fragment. Greed, pride, fear, and the desire for justice propel Bone of Contention toward its gory conclusion.

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Bone of Contention  


Walking Through Shadows is anl account of an out of shape  American’s pilgrimage  to Santiago de Compostela  in North West Spain.  The daily journal  and photographs  chronicle  the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges  encountered on this 36  day journey  of 500 miles on foot. He retraces the route taken by countless pilgrims since 1000 a.d. Carl Sesto is a photographer and book artist who undertook this life-changing pilgrimage while on a sabbatical from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where he has taught for 20 years. Carl is a professional photographer, and it shows in the photographs he has used.

One of the most important camino diaries for me from the photographer Carl Sesto.—FotoCaminoSantiago

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Walking Through Shadows




Riding America is a day by day account of the author’s motorcycle pilgrimage from Boston to Berkeley in the summer of 2003. Undertaken while on sabbatical leave from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, American Ground recounts his experiences and impressions of the state of Union and the people and places encountered along the way. Richly illustrated with over 70 of the author’s color photographs, Riding America reveals much of what goes unseen, is taken for granted, or simply ignored by most of us as we go about our busy daily lives. “This book is essential reading for anyone who has made their own journey, planning one, or is an armchair traveler.” — Gregori Bresaz (world traveler)
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Riding America


The Photograph is a gripping tale of adventure, kidnapping, and disappearance. When amateur photographer Mark Johnson discovers the image of a child in one of his photographs, his entire life is turned upside down. His only hope is to enlist his longtime friend and international spook, Erik Thorsen, to get him out of his jam and protect him from “Skull.” The story takes them from Florida to Death Valley and beyond.

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The Photograph